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Due to the introduction of tempting carbon reduction initiatives from the government, one of the areas we have got involved in is providing a consultancy service and/or issuing Energy Performance Certificates on commercial buildings having PV Solar Panels fitted.


The starting point when having Solar Panels fitted is to determine if the commercial building requires an EPC or not? This is a legal requirement. The government will not allow the maximum tariff on a building which doesn't acheive a "D rating" efficiency.


In some cases a property won't require an EPC e.g some farm buildings. However, the Solar Panel provider/installer will require a property exemption letter from a fully qualified assessor who has visited site. This letter also has to be worded very precisely or it will be rejected by the energy company providing the electricity resulting in not acheiving the required tariff to make the process viable.


We carry out all these services and are more than happy to work with Solar Panal providers/installers or individual clients to acheive their legal obligations.


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